Twinrix Vaccine- Quick Information about Twinrix

Twinrix Vaccine is an intramuscular vaccine which is administered by a healthcare professional. This vaccine is given for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B disease. Twinrix helps to body antibodies against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.

Recommended people to use Twinrix vaccine

People who are at risk of getting the infection are vaccinated. Those who are at increased risk include all laboratory workers who handle the patient’s specimen and Blood, all healthcare personnel, Dialysis patients, Hemophiliacs, emergency medical personnel who give first aid treatment. Injection drug abusers, sex workers, Those people have multiple sex partners. Men who have sex with men. Those people are travel high-risk areas.

Twinrix Vaccine use process

Twinrix Vaccine

Must Read- Before receiving this vaccine read all available vaccine information from your healthcare provider. If you have any kind of confusion about vaccination you must ask your doctor.

Your healthcare provider gives you this vaccine by injection into your muscle. All children and adults must receive this vaccine in the upper arm and all infants receive this vaccine in the upper thigh.

Over 6 months a series of 3 injections is usually given. Your doctor gives you a vaccination schedule. You must follow the schedule for the best performance. If you have a high fever or another issue on the scheduled date. Your doctor may delay the injection until you are well.

All Kind of Vaccine and dose is based on your age. In market different kind of hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccine is available can be given differently. 

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Those people do not receive this vaccine before traveling to consult with your doctor about that. Your healthcare professional gives you an alternative solution for Immune Globulin injection. Immune Globulin contains antibodies against the virus and will help to protect you from infection immediately. If you really want to protect your self must follow the vaccination schedule carefully.

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Before receiving this vaccine

Before receiving this Twinrix vaccine consult with your doctor if you have any kind of allergies. Because of products also contain some inactive ingredients like neomycin, Formalin, Latex Rubber, and Yeast. These inactive ingredients can cause allergies or other problems.

Must-Follow- if you have any bleeding disorder like low platelets hemophilia or anticoagulant treatment. You share with your doctor about that before receiving this vaccine.

Those are Hemodialysis patients, twinrix vaccine is unresponsive to them. Annually they must check hepatitis A and B antibody levels. Hemodialysis patients need a booster dose also.

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If your immune system is low because of other medications for Lymphoma, Leukemia, HIV, and cancer. During medication, your body may not make enough antibodies to protect you from Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Before receive this vaccine you must share with your doctor about that.

During pregnancy use this vaccine if it is needed and clearly mentioned by Doctor.

This vaccine passes through breast milk but it is unknown. Before breastfeeding consult with the doctor.

Side Effects of Twinrix Vaccine

Twinrix Vaccine

side effects occur differently in adults and differents in children.


Side effects occur during clinical trials with 3 dose and 4 rapid doses of Twinrix vaccine.

Adults report that redness at the injection site, Headache, Discomfort or pain, Tiredness. These are the most common side effects.

Some less common side effects are nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Feeling unwell and swelling at the injection site.

Some uncommon side effects are fever more than 37.5-degree Celcius, Muscle aching, Dizziness, Respiratory tract infection in the upper side.

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Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Low Blood pressure, Loss of appetite, Swollen glands in the neck, Pins, and needles, Rash and itching. These are the rare side effects in adults.

Some very rare side effects are Hives.


Side effects occur those children receive 3 doses of the Twinrix vaccine.

Redness or pain at the injection site. This is a very common side effect.

Drowsiness, Headache, Swelling at the injection site, Loss of appetite, Headache, Fever, and Vomiting, Feeling not good are the common side effects.

A rash is an uncommon side effect.

Dizziness, Swollen glands in the neck, Hives are the rare side effects.

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Runny nose, high temperature, Cough and chills, low blood pressure, Itching, legs, and arms numbness, Low blood pressure, rash, sore throat are the very rare side effects.

Those children receive an alternate 2 dose of Twinrix vaccine they also face side effects like tiredness, Redness, and pain at the injection site, Loss of appetite, Headache, and irritability. These are all very common side effects.

Stomach complaints or digestive complaints, Fever, Swelling at the injection site. Fever and drowsiness are common side effects.

These all are not complete side effects lists. If you notice any kind of unknown side effects you must consult with your doctor. You should postpone your vaccination schedule. If you have a high fever or any other health-related issue. Those are pregnant women they must consult with the doctor about the benefits and risks of vaccination.

This vaccine interaction with other drugs

Drug interaction may increase your serious side effects. If you receive any other medicines during the vaccination schedule. You must share your prescription and medicine with your health care provider. Don’t change the dosage without doctor’s permission.

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Here are some drugs or products that may interact with vaccine-like Chemotherapy and corticosteroids(Prednisone and dexamethasone). Some drugs may weaken the immune system likes tacrolimus, Cyclosporine, Mycophenolate.

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Twinrix Vaccine Dosage

In 6 months you have to 3 dosage series.

You select the date of the first dose.

After one month you should receive the second dose.

The last dose you receive 6 months later after the first.

Age Group Vaccine Dose 1 Vaccine Dose 2  Dose 3  Dose 4
Standard Schedule(Twinrix 1.0 ml) Adults 19 years of age and older Date of 1st dose 1 month after the first dose 6 months after the first dose ……
Rapid Schedule( Twinrix 1.0ml) Date of 1st dose

1 week after the first dose

3 week after the first dose  1 year after the first dose

Dosage for Children

Age Group Vaccine Dose 1 Dose 2  Dose 3  
Standard Schedule(Twinrix Junior 0.5ml) 1-18 years Date of First Dose 1 month after the first dose 6 Months after the first dose
Alternate Schedule(Twinrix 1.0ml) 1-15 years Date of First Dose 6 to 12 months after the first dose

Cost of Twinrix Vaccine

Twinrix Vaccine is very important because you should protect your self from Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. This vaccine not contain any live viruses. The cost of Twinrix is around $116.32.

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There is a chance to get Hepatitis from the vaccine?

No, because the Twinrix vaccine does not contain any living virus. So it is not possible to get hepatitis A and B from the vaccine.

if you have any kind of question about vaccination you must ask the doctor. Some questions are

1. Twinrix right for me or not?

2. what are the possible consequence of Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B?

3. Before traveling do I need to receive all twinrix dosage?

4. Can I receive this vaccine if I am already receiving other medicine?

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How should I store this vaccine?

You must store this vaccine 2 to 8-degree C and try to protect it from light. Do not store this vaccine in an ice section.

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Already I had one Twinrix dose? How many more will I need?

You must complete the dosage series otherwise you are not fully protected from Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.If you already receive one standard dose after one month you should receive the second dose and after 6 months receive the last dose.

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Do the people I am traveling with getting Twinrix Vaccine?

Those areas are constantly infected by Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B like the Caribbean.

There are resort activities that can put travelers at risk of Hepatitis A and B

If you eat undercooked seafood and shellfish.

If you drink contaminated water.

Take showering or bathing in contaminated water.

If you eat a meal administered by infected workers who have not washed his hand properly after using the washroom.

Sex with an infected person.

If you share grooming materials with an infected person.


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