Trumenba Vaccine Dosage, cost, Side effects, Storage

Trumenba Vaccine

Trumenba Vaccine uses for Meningococcal group B disease. This disease also recognizes as a MenB.

This vaccine is approved by the FDA to protect a teen against this disease. This disease is an uncommon disease and deadly disease. It can cause within 24 hours.

Before receiving this vaccine you must consult with your healthcare provider.

This vaccine is the vaccine to approve in the united state to prevent Meningococcal disease can cause Neisseria Meningitidis serogroup, B. Wyeth Pharmaceutical inc manufacture the vaccine.

What is the difference between Trumenba Vaccine and Meningococcal Vaccine?

A, B, C, Y, and W are the 5 major meningococcal bacteria. FDA approved the vaccine to prevent Meningococcal disease caused by the Neisseria Meningitis serogroup A, W, C and Y. However, these vaccines do not protect against meningococcal disease caused by serogroup B.

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Serogroup B is a deadly and aggressively contagious meningococcal disease in the united state.

In 2012 according to the CDC 500 total cases of meningococcal disease were reported 160 were caused by serogroup B.

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Safety Information about the Trumenba Vaccine

After the first dose of Trumenba if anyone has a severe allergy reaction. Do not receive this vaccine.

If anyone has a poor immune system may have a decrease in the ability to resist.

Do not receive this vaccine if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant(Must consult with doctor).

Trumenba can cause Headache, pain, Nausea, Muscle pain in the injection site.

Like any other vaccine, the Trumenba vaccine also not protect all individuals against N meningitis group B infection.

Anesthesia may coincide with the administration of injectable vaccines including Trumenba.

Information on the safety and efficacy of alternatives to Trumenba and another meningococcal group B vaccine is not available to complete the vaccination series.

Always remember before receiving this vaccine always talk to your doctor.

Indication of the Vaccine

Those people age is 10 to 25 years old they receive the active vaccine to prevent disease caused by Neisseria Meningitidis Group B.

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The efficacy of the Trumenba two-dose schedule against various N meningitides group B strains could not be ascertained.

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Trumenba Vaccine Schedule

This vaccine is recommended for all adolescents recommends by CDC.

Follow the schedule

Those children aged between 11 to 12 years old should receive a single dose of Trumenba Vaccine(Meningococcal Vaccine).

CDC always recommends receiving a booster dose at the age of 16. Because at the age of 16 all adolescents at a high risk of Meningococcal disease. The booster dose provides protection to all adolescents.

Trumenba vaccine or Men B vaccine got licensed in 2014 and 2015 by the FDA.

Those people age is between 16 to 23 they receive a MenB vaccine(Trumenba).

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Side Effects of This Vaccine

Trumenba is an intramuscular injection. It provides protection against Neisseria Meningitidis serogroup B. Some common side effects after vaccination.





Joint pain


Swelling or redness at the injection site.

Low energy


According to 0-2 months or 6 months schedule, the dosing schedule of Trumenba is three doses(0.5 ml each). But remember one thing recently if you receive any medicine you defitinetly talk to your doctor about that.

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According to the clinical studies, the most common adverse reaction in Young adults and adolescents is 85% chance of pain in injection site, 60 % chance of fatigue, 55% chance of headache and 35 % chance of Nausea.

Some temporary adverse reaction is Vision changes, Fainting, Dizziness, Lightheadedness, Tingling or numbness. You defitinetly consult with a doctor if you notice any of these side effects after receiving the vaccine.

Allergic reaction to this vaccine is very rare. You must consult with a doctor if you notice any Itching, Rash, Allergic reaction, Swelling in throat, Tongue, and face, Trouble in breathing and dizziness.

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Precautions Before receiving this Trumenba vaccine

You should not receive this vaccine. If you have any kind of allergic reaction to the rubber latex. Because products also contain inactive ingredients like rubber and it can cause an allergic reaction or other problems.

Before receiving this vaccine you just share your medical history and current medical condition with your doctor. Specially nerve disease, illness, fever, and any bleeding disorder such as thrombocytopenia and Hemophilia.

During pregnancy, you receive this vaccine if your doctor prescribes the vaccine.

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Drug interaction with this vaccine

Drug interaction can change how your drugs work or increase the risk of serious side effects. You should make a list of all products you use including prescription drug, non-prescription drug, and herbal products. Without a doctor, permission does not change the dosage, stop or start.

Some products may interact with other drugs like Alefacept, Anakinra, Atezolizumab, Acalabrutinib.

B- Busulfan, Brigatinib, Bosutinib, Bleomycin, Belinostat, Belatacept and many more.

C- Capecitabine, Cisplatin, Corticorelin, Cosyntropin, Cytarabine, Cyclosporine, Copanlisib, Cladribine.

D- Durvalumab, Doxorubicin, Decitabine, Deflazacort, Dasatinib, Daclizumab, Dexamethasone, Docetaxel, and many more drugs interact with this vaccine.

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Trumenba Dosages

Trumenba Vaccine

FDA approves 3 dosage series of administration.

For adults-(Age up to 25)

vaccine three dosage 0.5 ml each, 1M at 0.2 and 6 months.

For pediatric use-(Age up to 10)

Trumemba three dosage 0.5 ml each, 1M at 0.2 and 6 months.

Trumemba Vaccine cost

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This vaccine is available in an intramuscular suspension.

Quantity Per unit Price
2.5 (5 x 0.5 mililiters) $ 316.51 $ 791.28
5 (10 x 0.5 mililiters) $ 314.61 $ 1,573.06


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Trumenba Vaccine Dosage, cost, Side effects, Storage
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