Rotateq Vaccine- Uses, Side effects, Precaution For Infant

Rotateq Vaccine is a Rotavirus oral vaccine. This vaccine contains five strains of rotavirus. Rotateq vaccine is made by both human and animal sources.

Those children aged between 6 weeks to 32 weeks can be given the Rotateq vaccine orally. This vaccine is normally used to prevent diseases in children.

Rotateq vaccine works by releasing small amounts of viruses to your baby body. Thereby increasing the body immunity to the diseases.

Look into This Condition before giving Rotateq Vaccine

Rotateq Vaccine

If your children have any kind of immunodeficiency diseases or allergic reaction. Then Rotateq is not the right choice for your child.

This vaccine not given if your children have

1〉 Recently receive a blood transfusion.

2〉 Some kind of Blood diseases like Lymphoma, Leukemia, and cancer.

3〉 Hiv or Aids

4〉 Diarrhea problem or stomach illness.

5〉 Any kind of stomach disorder or recently done any stomach surgery.

6〉 If your children receive any drug that weakens the immune system(Radiation, Rheumatoid arthritis medicine, Medicine to prevent organ transplant rejection).

7〉 Children with a history of intussusception should not take Rotateq Vaccine.

8〉 Children with a history of intussusception should not take Rotateq Vaccine.

Rotateq Vaccine Given Process

Credit– CDC

Your child will receive RotaTeq with the help of a doctor in the Hospital, Doctor’s office, and clinic by mouth.

Normally 3 doses series are available in Rotateq vaccination. During the 6 to 12 weeks of age, the first dose is usually given. During the 4 weeks to 10-week intervals the booster doses will give, the child age is 32 weeks.

After given Rotateq dose always treck your child and tell your doctor if your child vomits in 1-2 hours after receiving to Rotateq, Bloating, Bloody stools or excessive crying.

This vaccine is a liquid oral vaccine. Some instructions to be followed. Don’t mix this vaccine with other solutions.

1〉 Tear opens the pouch and removes the dosing tube.

Rotateq Vaccine given instruction

2〉 Clear fluid from the dispensing tip by holding tube vertically and taping cap.

vaccine given instruction

Open the dosing tube 2 easy motions


4〉 Puncture the dispensing tip by screwing the cap clockwise until it becomes tight.

Rotavirus Vaccination

5〉 Remove cap by turning it counterclockwise.

Rotavirus Vaccination

6〉 Administer dose by gently squeezing liquid into an infant’s mouth toward the inner cheek until the dosing tube is empty.

Rotavirus Vaccination

Rotateq Vaccine prices

In India Rotateq prices is $41.

Japan Rotateq price is  JPY 5800/dose

The United States Rotateq’s price is $226 in the Privat market.

Patto Rotateq price is $45

Gavi eligible countries price $0.30-0.60

Side effects of Rotateq

Rotateq Vaccine

You should notice your child after giving Roptateq vaccine. This vaccine can cause some side effects

Most common side effects are

Muscle aches




Sore Throat

Unusual Weakness


Stomach Pain

Some less common side effects

Noisy sound during breathing.


Chest Tightness

Shortness of Breath

Face difficulty with breathing.


Some Rare side effect is


Wrinkled skin


Dry mouth.



Decrease urination.

Black Stools

Sunken eyes

Heartrate increase

Loss of Appetite

Some very rare side effects

Skin Rash

Red Eye

Bloody Nose

Swollen hands and feet

Blood in the urine

Pinpoint red spots on the skin

Swollen Glands

Some serious side effects occurred in 2.4% of Rotateq consumers compared with 2.6% of placebo consumers. According to the report, Rotateq adverse effect and placebo adverse effects are

Pneumonia– 0.2% Rotateq vs 0.3% placebo

Fever– 0.1% Rotateq vs 0.1% placebo

bronchiolitis– 0.6% Rotateq vs 0.7% placebo

Gastroenteritis– 0.2% Rotateq vs 0.3% Placebo

Death Report- According to the clinical studies have report 52 death.  25 death reports for Rotateq and 27 death report for placebo recipients. The most common cause of death is sudden infant death syndrome.

Some normal side effects like Runny Nose, Crying, Irritability, Passing gas, Bloated, Full Feeling. For this kind of side effects do not need any medical attention.

We try to share many side effects with you. But this side effects list is not complete. More detail information about your baby health care provider. If you notice any vaccine side effect to your child you report to the US department of health and human service at 18008227967.

Some Limitation of Rotateq Vaccine

Rotateq vaccine

This vaccine can not protect all vaccine consumers from Rotavirus.

No clinical data is available for the Rotateq vaccine when Rotavirus administrated after infection.

This vaccine has not evaluated for its mutagenic and carcinogenic impair fertility.

In pediatric cases, vaccine safety and productiveness have not been established in children. Less than 6 weeks of age or more than 32 weeks of age.

Data are available from clinical studies to support the use of Rotateq in Infants with control gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Storage of Rotateq Vaccine

Rotateq should be store in 2-8 degrees Celcius. After removing from the refrigeration it should be allocated as soon as possible. If you store this vaccine in 2-8 degrees Centigrade it stable up to 24 months. If the Rotateq vaccine store more than 2.8-degree Centigrade like maximum exposure temperature 9-25 degrees centigrade and maximum exposure time 48 hours. If you store in 26-30 degrees centigrade it maximum exposure time 12 hours. 

The vaccine should be protected from sunlight. The product must be used before the expiration date.

Some question and answer about Rotateq

1〉 How many doses are Rotateq Vaccine?

Rotateq vaccination is a 3 dosage series. The first dosage is to start 6 to 12 weeks of age.

2〉 What Kind od Vaccine Rotateq and Rotarix?

In united states two Rotavirus vaccine is available. One is Rotateq (It is made by the Merck)3 dosage series. Given processes are oral administration. Rotarix is 2 dose series for 2 to 4-month old infants.

3〉 Is Rotateq Vaccine necessary?

At the same time as other vaccines, the Rotavirus vaccine can be given safely almost all children who receive a rotavirus vaccine will be protected from infections of Rotavirus diarrhea.

4〉 What drugs will affect Rotateq?

Before given Rotateq Vaccine to your Child. First, consult with your doctor about other medicine your child has received. Tell each and every detail to your health care provider before given the Rotateq.

5〉 Presentation Of Rotateq Vaccine?

This vaccine is a liquid oral dose. In the market, it is available as a single prefilled 2 ml unit doses in a plastic dosing tube with a twist-off cap.

6〉 What is Rotateq

Rotateq is an oral vaccine manufactured by Merck. In 2006 this vaccine is Licensed By FDA  for Rotavirus gastroenteritis prevention in Infant.

7〉 Who should not Vaccinate with Rotateq Vaccine?

If the infant faces an allergic reaction after receive the first dose.

If the consumer has a history of Intussusception.

8〉 Rotateq Vaccine can be taken with other vaccines?

Rotateq administrated with tetanus toxoids, diphtheria, IPV(Inactive polio vaccine), Hepatitis B vaccine, Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, the acellular pertussis vaccine.

9〉 What are the benefits of Given Rotateq Vaccine?

This vaccine helps to prevent Rotavirus diseases 3 out of 4 cases, which means total protection from Rotaviruses.

10〉 Is Rotateq Vaccine is safe?

Yes, the Rotateq vaccine is very safe. Most of the children do not have any response after receiving a vaccine. But few children face vomiting, crankiness and diarrhea kind of issues.

11〉 How to store Rotateq Vaccine?

You can store it in the refrigerator but not in an ice section. Protect the vaccine from light. You should care about to keep all medications away from children and pets.

12〉 Is the Rotateq vaccine work for older children?

Actually it is not. This vaccine is only made for infants between 6 to 12 weeks of age and the next dose was administered at 4 to 10 weeks intervales. After 32 weeks of age, the should not be given to the child.

13〉 How well does Rotateq work to prevent gastroenteritis from the Rota Virus?

According to the clinical experiment and study. Rotateq vaccine can prevent almost 74% of all Rotaviruses gastroenteritis and success ratio is 98% of the serve. Also, Rotateq help to reduces the need for hospitalization for gastroenteritis has been reducing by 96%.


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