Pentavalent Vaccine Dose, Schedule, Side effects & Storage

Pentavalent Vaccine

Pentavalent Vaccine is a very helpful vaccine. Because this one vaccine is a solution of 5 diseases like Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Hepatitis B and HIB. This one vaccine contains 5 antigens.

The vaccine also is known as a 5 in 1 vaccine. This pentavalent vaccine is widely available in many pediatric combination vaccines, especially in middle and low-income countries.

In 2013 Pentavalent Vaccines were 100% of the DTP-rich vaccines procured by UNICEF.which supplies vaccines to a large portion of children worldwide.

Advantage Of Pentavalent Vaccine

Pentavalent Vaccine

Arrangement for the addition of the HIB vaccine another protection against the deadly disease. The number of injections administered under UIP during the first year of life reduces from nine to six. The pentavalent vaccine does not require any reconstitution.

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The perfect age Pentavalent Vaccine administered

According to the National Immunization Schedule. The vaccine should be started for any child more than 6 weeks of age and given up to 1 year of age.

The history  of this Vaccine

The European Medicines Agency granted Pentavantent in October 2004.

The first Pentavalent Vaccine formulation receives pre-qualification approval from the World health organization in 2006.

Pentavalent were 100% of the DTP- containing vaccine procured by UNICEF in 2013. Which provides vaccines to a large part of the world children.

South Sudan Become the last of the GAVI supported countries to launch a five in one vaccine.

UNICEF announced a US$110 million awards to supply its Pentavalent pediatric vaccine Quinvaxem to the developing world.

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Formulations of Pentavalent Vaccine

Pentavalent Vaccine

The normal version of the pentavalent vaccine includes Pentavac PFS, ComBE Five, Shan5, Pentabio and Quinvaxem.

Vaccine Manufacturer Date pre Qualified By WHO
Pentavac PFS Serum Institute of India 23 June 2010
ComBE Five Biological E. Limited 1 September 2011
EasyFive TT Panacea Biotec 2 October 2013
Shan5 Shantha Biotechnics 29 April 2014
Pentabio Bio Farma 19 December 2014
Quinvaxem Crucell 26 September 2006

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Side Effects of Pentavalent Vaccine

Very common side effect after any vaccination is


Loss od appetite




Redness appears at the injection site.

The mentioned side effects can be relieved by giving Paracetamol. If your child more then 2 months give Calpol or Ibuprofen if your child more than 3 months of age and weight should be more than 5 Kg.

Some rare side effects are

Fits high temperatures sometimes.

Abnormal high pitched screaming and Hypotonic Hypersponsive episodes. The child may become pale, Blue and Limp.

After vaccination, if you notice any of these symptoms, you must consult with your doctor.

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The Ingredients of this vaccine

In vaccine united kingdom use a very small amount of active ingredients like

Sodium Chloride

Polysorbate (it is normally used as an emulsifier to hold the ingredients together)

Lactose and Medium 199(it contains mineral salt, vitamins, and amino acid).Both ingredients use as a stabilizer.

A small amount of Phenol used as a preservative.

A small amount of aluminum, which strengthens and lengthens the immune response to the vaccine.

HIB is a part of the vaccine.  Sugar is taken from capsules around the HIB and added to non-toxic protein from Tetanus. Protein helps to awaken immunity in a broad way by responding well to the vaccine. It responds to better resistance in individuals of all ages.

The polio component of the vaccine is born in the laboratory using a strain of animal cells.

In the UK these ingredients are used but other countries may use other ingredients.

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Vaccine Route of Administration


Anterolateral aspect of mid-thigh LEFT

Site of Injection

Schedule of this vaccine under UIP

According to the National Immunization Schedule, three doses of pentavalent vaccine are to be administered at 6,10 and 14 weeks of age.

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The pentavalent vaccine protects against 5 Diseases




Hepatitis B



Like other vaccines, this vaccine also stores in a 2 to 8-degree Celcius in the refrigerator. It should not be stored in a Frozen section.

Is Booster Dose is recommended under UIP?

A booster dose is not recommended for the pentavalent vaccine under UIP.


Some questions and answers about the Pentavalent Vaccine

How do you Give Pentavalent Vaccine?

This vaccine must be given intramuscularly into the opposite thigh. First, clean the thigh area with an antiseptic solution then dry it. After dry inject 0.5 mL of vaccine. Because the HIB vaccine provides protection for at least 15 years.

Is Pentavalent Vaccine Is Safe?

Yes, the pentavalent vaccine is very safe. According to the test and study, it was found that the DTPw-HepB-Hib vaccine was very safe.

What is DTap DTP TD?

This is a combined vaccine against Diptheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis. The pertussis component is acellular.

What age can this vaccine be administered?

This vaccine can be given to any child age for more than 6 weeks and up to 1 year of age.

There is any reason a child should bot be given this Vaccine?

If a child previously faces a problem with the pentavalent vaccine.

Why the Hib vaccine is given as a Pentavalent Vaccine and not given separately?

The vaccination schedule for Hep B, DPT and Hib is the same time at 6,10 and 14 weeks. Therefore if these three vaccines are given individually, a child receives three pricks at the same time. The pentavalent vaccine reduces the number of pricks.


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Pentavalent Vaccine Dose, Schedule, Side effects & Storage
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