Menactra Vaccine Dose, Side effects, Cost, Composition

Menactra Vaccine

Menactra’s generic name is the Meningococcal Conjugate vaccine. Menactra Vaccine is used to protect against Meningococcal bacteria infection. This vaccine contains a common type of Meningococcal bacteria like Serogroups A, C, W, and Y. Menactra Vaccine helps you to increase your body immunity to the disease.

Meningococcal is a serious Kind of disease. This disease can affect your brain, Spinal cord. Meningococcal disease is not a temporary disease. It is permanent and creates many problems.

Those children under 1 year of age can affect by Meningococcal Disease. This disease can spread by the air. If you are not contacting an infected person and you use the objects the infected person touch. There is a high chance of you also infected by the Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine.

Menactra Vaccine Schedule

Menactra Vaccine

Always Remember one thing does not use any expiration date vaccine.

This vaccine is an intramuscular vaccine. This vaccine must be given Vastus Lateralis muscle in the anterolateral thigh for infants and young children.

The deltoid muscle is the preferred injection site in older children and adults.

The first primary dose must be given in 11 to 12 years of age. A booster dose is given at 16 years of age.

8 weeks minimum interval is required between the two dosages.

If children or patients have an Hiv, anatomic asplenia, Complement component deficiencies they must receive 2 primary dosages separated by 2 months.

Those patient receive their primary dosage before 7 years of age. They must receive their booster dose after 3 years.

Those patient receive their most recent primary dosage at the age of 7 or older. They must receive their booster dose after 5 years later.

If you really need maximum protection from the Meningococcal disease. Than 2 dose is required for maximum protection.

Those babies age between 9 to 23 months may be able to receive Menactra with other vaccines.

Unhealthy children mean if the children have HIV or anatomic asplenia. They should not receive Menactra before 2 years of age.

Menactra Vaccine Cost

The average cost of the vaccine is $125

Menactra Vaccine does not contain live bacteria so there is no risk of Meningitis.

The normal retail price of this vaccine is $153.35. But there are many brands provides this vaccine with 18% off in $125.

Brands Retail Price Discounts
Walmart $154 $125.00
CVS Pharmacy $154 $125.00
Walgreens $149 $125.00
Kroger Pharmacy $154 $125.00
Costco $154 $125.00
Albertsons $154 $125.00
Safeway $154 $125.00
Medicine Shoppe $154 $125.00
Rite Aid $154 $125.00

Menactra Vaccine Uses

This vaccine used to protect against Meningococcal Bacteria By increasing your Body Immunity.

Menactra Vaccine composition

This vaccine contains a Neisseria Meningitidis serogroup A, c, y and W-135 Capsular polysaccharide antigens individually conjugated to diphtheria toxoid protein.

Nmeningitidis A, C, Y, and W-135 strains are cultured on Mueller Hinton agar and Grown in Watson Scherp Media.

The Menactra vaccine is made as a sterile and slightly Turbid liquid. Each O.5mL dose vaccine Formulated in Sodium Phosphate buffered isotonic sodium chloride solution. It contains 4mcg each of meningococcal A, C, Y, and W-135 Polysaccharide Conjugated to approximately 48 mcg of diphtheria toxoid protein carrier.

Menactra Vaccine Company Name

The first meningococcal vaccine was available in 1970. In 2005 multinational pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur manufactured this vaccine and licensed in the united state. This vaccine is also approved by the Food and drug administration.

Follow Before Receive This vaccine

Menactra Vaccine

If you have any kind of allergies to the rubber latex or any diphtheria vaccine. Do not receive this vaccine.

Your vaccine schedule date shoud be changed if you have

Premature Birth History.

If you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant.

You have Guillain Barre Syndrome.

If your immune system is very weak due to HIV, AIDS, Cancer.

You already receive any chemotherapy treatment or radiation treatment.

If you have a slight cold you can still receive this vaccine. But If you have a high fever or any other health issue you wait until you get better.

Actually not clear information available about this vaccine. It is safe or not to be used during pregnancy. In this situation, your healthcare provider only helps you to tell you this vaccine’s potential benefits and risks during pregnancy.

It is also not clear whether the meningococcal conjugate vaccine enters the breast milk and harm your baby.

According to the Menactra vaccine should not be given younger than 9 months old children and older than 55 years old children.

This vaccine is Mostely Recommended For

This vaccine is must be recommended for if

You are in the military service.

You are Hiv infected.

If you have ‘Persistent Compliment Component Deficiency’ Immune system disorder.

Those are used eculizumab name medicine.

If your spleen has been removed or any issue spleen related issue.

If you travel any meningococcal disease area.

You work in the laboratory and you expose any meningococcal bacteria.

I hope you understand. Now, remember to receive this vaccine in any doctor chamber and clinic.

Most of the time this vaccine is given only once. But those children have a high risk of Meningococcal disease they need a booster dose.

The primary first dose must be given between 11 to 12 years of age. If you really need maximum support from Meningococcal disease than receive a booster dose at the age of 16.

The given guideline only for the first primary dose. Booster dose guideline different. Consult with your doctor about that.

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Menactra Vaccine interaction with other drugs

Do not receive any other medication during the Menactra vaccine schedule date. By chance, if you receive any other medication, you must share it with your doctor.

Especially if you receive a pneumonia vaccine, like Prevnar.

If you receive any nasal, oral or any injectable oral medicine.

Recently receive radiation therapy, Chemotherapy.

If you receive any of the mentioned medication or therapy. You are not eligible to receive this vaccine until the other treatment is finish.

Interaction with medicine likes
















Side effects of Menactra Vaccine

Menactra Vaccine

Like any other vaccine, This vaccine also has its pros and cons. Some more common side effects are


Weakness or tiredness.


Feeling not good

Some cases of side effects





Kind of confusion


Difficulty in moving legs and arms.

Heartbeat is fast

Rashes in skin

Chest Tightness

Warm Skin

Difficulty in breathing.

Swelling in lips, Eye, and Tongue.

Swallowing difficulty.

Difficulty in Vision.

Back pain

Here some most common side effects they do not require any special medical attention.

Joint Pain






Redness or swelling appears in the injection site.

Loss of appetite.

Difficulty in moving.


Post Marketing Experience

According to the clinical trials, worldwide voluntary reports received since the market introduction of the Menactra vaccine is listed below.

Nervous system disorder are Convulsion, Paraesthesia, Guillain Barre Syndrome, Facial Palsy.

Immune system disorder is hypertension, Wheezing, Urticaria, pruritus, Anaphylaxis. Breathing Difficulty.

Connective tissue dis-order are Myalgia.

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How many Menactra Vaccine shot is required?

2 doses to preteens and Teens.

How Do you Give a Menactra Shot?

Administer Give you this vaccine intramuscular route.

How Lond Does Menactra Vaccine Last?

A booster dose is required after 5 years later of the primary dose. Those people are high-risk conditions they need a second dose of Booster.

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Is Menactra the same as meningitis Vaccine?

These two vaccines are similar kinds of vaccines. They both protect against Meningococcal disease.

Normally Menveo is used between the 2 to 55 years of age. Menactra vaccine is used between 9 months to 55 years of age.

Is  Menactra safe?

It is very safe.

What is the Indication Menactra Vaccine?

This vaccine is indicated to protect against Meningococcal Bacteria. This disease caused by the Neisseria Meningitidis Serogroup A, C, Y, and w-135.

Has any One Died From Meningitis Vaccine?

According to the CDC, this kind of situation is very rare. In 2009 to 2013 seven outbreaks on the college campuses and three death happen.

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Storage of this Vaccine?

Do not store this vaccine in the ice chamber of the refrigerator. Store between 2 degrees C to 8 Degree C.

Adverse Reaction of this Vaccine

Vaccine adverse reactions occur with any age group like infants, Children and older.


Anorexia in 8% to 12%

Diarrhea happens with everyone infant, adolescents, adults, and children 7 to16%.

Nausea happens 5% to 12%.

Vomiting 2 to 3% in infants.

Appetite change 12% to 23% in infants and 9% to 10% in children.


Crying, 33% of infants.

Central Nervous System

(4% to 10%) Chills

Irritability in 27% to 57% and 12% to 22% in children

Drowsiness in 17 % to 50% infants and 11% to 18% children.

Headche 22% to 41% in adults,adolescents and 5% to 18% in children.


Skin rash happens in infants, children, and adolescents 2% to 6%.

Adults- 1% to 2%.


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Menactra Vaccine Dose, Side effects, Cost, Composition
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