AFM Vaccine- Afm symptoms,causes and Treatment

AFM Vaccine– AFM full form is acute flaccid myelitis. This is a very rare and serious condition. AFM mainly affects the nervous system, especially Brain, spinal cord and nerves. It causes muscle and reflexes in the body to become weak.

It was noticed that from 2014 the AFM cases increase in young children.

Symptoms of AFM

Afm vaccine

Acute Flaccid Myelitis is a serious condition. So if you notice your child may develop any symptoms of AFM. You should consult with your health care provider as soon as possible.

Most of the people feel immediate leg or arm weakness.

Most of the people feel

Eyelids Dropping.

Legspain or arm pain.

Slurred speech.

Difficulty in Eye moving.

Difficulty swallowing.

Some rare symptoms cases

Patient unable to pass urin.

Have tingling or numbness.

AFM most severe symptoms

Respiratory failure is the most serious complication in AFM. If the muscle is involved with breathing become weakened.

It is also possible that AFM can cause other serious neurologic complications, that can lead to death.

Some Guideline to prevent AFM

Afm vaccine
AFM vaccine Guideline

Actually, in the medical industry, no specific activities are available to prevent AFM.

Most of the children had a respiratory problem or illness with viral infections before AFM.

So you can follow some guideline to decrease the Viral infection

Avoid close contact with sick people.

Do not touch your face with unwashed hands.

Try to clean your hand regularly with soap and water.

AFM Vaccine

No vaccine are available for Acute Myelitis.

But according to some study AFM linked to the vaccine.

This is some vaccine list that has been reported medical literature to be associated with Mellitus.

Hepatitis B vaccine

Influenza vaccine

Meningococcal Vaccine

HPV Vaccine(Cervarix, Gardasil).

DTap Vaccine( Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertusis and Acellular).

MMR vaccine.

Tdap Vaccine

Diagnosis Process of AFM

It is very important that patients should be examined as soon as possible after developing symptoms.

The first doctor checks the patient’s nervous system.

A physician can examine the patient nervous system and Body area. Where his weakness, Poor muscle tone, and reflexes are reduced.

A doctor can also do magnetic resonance imaging to look at the brain and spinal cord.

He also does a lab test on cerebrospinal fluid. The doctor also checks the nerve response.

AFM diagnosis is kind of difficult because it shares the same symptoms as other neurologic disorders like Guillain Barre syndrome and Transverse myelitis. After some testing and examination, doctors can understand and differentiate between AFM issues and Nervous system issues.

Treatment of AFM

No specific treatment is available for AFM. But a neurologist( Specializes treatment for Brain and Spinal) disorders can offer specific intervention on a case by case basis.

Some frequently asked Question

Afm vaccine

1〉 What causes of AFM?

Actual cause unknown till now. But CDC believes some viruses play a major role for AFM and many say this is ‘Mystery illness’.

According to the CDC report. In 2014 the AFM cases increase due to enterovirus D68. However not all AFM patients had affected by the Enterovirus.

Genetic disorder and environmental toxin are also potential causes of AFM.

In 2018 many AFM cases Rhinoviruses and Entero Viruses are the causes of AFM.

2〉 Is there any treatment available for AFM?

Actually there is no specific treatment are available for AFM.

3〉 AFM is contagious or not?

No, AFM is not contagious. Actually to the CDC that nonpolio enteroviruses which usually do not make people sick. But they, there is a chance of AFM.

4〉 Do kids recover from AFM?

Yes. Enteroviruses infection is very common in children and people. Most people recover from AFM. But a few people develop AFM(Don’t Know Why).

5〉 What states have AFM cases?

A confirmed AFM patient has 31 states, Identified by the CDC. 15 cases are in Colorado.

6〉 How is AFM contracted?

AFM is a very rare health issue. It can not spread person to person. If enterovirus associated with AFM, then it may spread person to person. Some time Mosquito can help to spread it.


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