Afluria Quad Vaccine Uses, Side effects, Benefits, Dosage

Afluria Quad

Afluria Quad is an influenza vaccine. This vaccine is a suspension for Injection. It contains an influenza virus haemagglutinin as an active ingredient.

Afluria Quad Vaccine information

Afluria Quad

In July 2016 Afluria Quad receive registration by the therapeutic goods administration.

Afluria Quad is an inactive influenza vaccine use only fro adults or over. This vaccine helps to protect from various influenza viruses. Afluria vaccine contains 4 different types of influenza viruses.

This vaccine should be given by the doctor, pharmacist or nurse and prescription use only.

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Afluria Quad Storage

Afluria Quad

Should be protected from light.

Must be store in 2 to 8 degree C in the refrigerator but not in the Ice section.

Do not use any expire Afluria.

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Doses of this vaccine

According to section 4.3 contraindications, this vaccine does not use under 5 years of age. The vaccine uses only 5 years or over.

Age Group Dose Number of Doses
For Pediatrics
5 to 9 years 0.5 mL 1 or 2 Degree
9 to 18 years 0.5 ml 1
For Adults
>18 years 0.5 mL 1

Indication of Afluria

This vaccine is given for protection against influenza caused by the influenza virus Type A and B.

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Contraindication about this vaccine

This vaccine is not made for protection in Children under 5 years of age. Because of the efficacy and safety of this age group have not been established.

Those children have a hypersensitivity issue to egg protein they should not receive this vaccine.

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Afluria Quad administration process

This vaccine must be given by the healthcare professional in Hospital or their clinic.

Before use shake the vaccine. After shaking the homogenous suspension is appear.

Use a deep subcutaneous or intramuscular injection to receive this vaccine.

This vaccine can be given simultaneously with other vaccines. A separate syringe and arm should be used.

All adults and children receive this vaccine in an upper arm and infants receive this vaccine in the upper thigh.

Every time this vaccine is given September to November during the flu season. Those children age is 5 to 9 or older they receive this vaccine.

Vaccine use in Specific Population

Pediatric Use

Those children’s age is less than 6 months of age the safety and efficacy of the vaccine are not clear.

Pharmajet Stratis Needle-free injection is not approved to use in less than 18 years of age because of the lack of data.

Pregnancy Use

Actually, there is no clear data available Afluria Vaccination during pregnancy.

Those women are pregnant they are at the risk of severe illness due to influenza compared to a non-pregnant woman. If any pregnant women effect by influenza it increases the risk of preterm labor and delivery.

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It is not clearly known that the Afluria vaccine excreted through the milk or not.

Geriatric Use

To find the information, Afluria vaccine uses in more than 65 years of age. A clinical trial was done in 836 people and their age is 65 years and older. After administration, they notice that Hemagglutination inhibiting antibody response.

Pharmajet Stratis needle-free injection is not approved for 65 years of age or older.

Afluria Quad Interactions

Normally vaccine is used to prevent disease. But if you already receive any other medicine during your vaccination schedule. There is a chance of interaction and increase your risk of serious side effects. Before receiving Afluria Vaccine make a list of other medications you take and share with your doctor. Your health care provider will suggest possible side effects and benefits. Without the doctor, permission does not change the dosage of medicine.

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You or Your Child Follow before receive the Afluria Quad

Afluria Quad

Please do not receive this vaccine. If you or your child have an allergy to the Polymyxin B sulfate or Antibiotics neomycin sulfate, eggs.

Some symptoms of allergic reactions are

Hives, Skin rashes, Itching.

If you face difficulty in breathing, Wheezing or shortness of breath.

Tongue, Face, and Lips are swelling.

If you or your child’s body temperature more than 38.5 degrees C do not receive this vaccine.

You share with your doctor if you or your child previously receive this vaccine and face following difficulty like

Collapse or fainting

High Body Temperature 

Throat Swelling.

Allergy Reaction.


Share with your healthcare provider if you or your child had any medical condition like 

Swelling, Face, Mouth, Tongue, Itchy Rashes. 

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If your body immunity is low because of certain treatments like cancer therapy, Corticosteroids, Cyclosporine or other medicine.

Your body immunity is low due to illness, Malaria, Kidney Disease, AIDS or cancer.

GBS syndrome or illness affects the nervous system and cause paralysis.

Must tell your doctor if you or your children have allergies to a substance like Latex Rubber, Preservatives or dyes, Foods or any other medicine.

If you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant tell your doctor about that. Your doctor will give you advice on the potential benefits and risks of having a vaccine during pregnancy.

If you are feeding breastmilk to your child, share it with your doctor. Your doctor will tell you the potential benefits and risks of breastfeeding during vaccination.

Post Marketing Surveillance

Very limited data are available in post-marketing surveillance.

1〉 Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue Disorders

Rash, Urticaria, and Pruritus.

2〉 Nervous System Disorder

Encephalomyelitis, Neuralgia, Guillain, Barre Syndrome, Paraesthesia.

3〉 Immune System Disorder

Allergic reactions including anaphylactic shock.

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4〉 Lymphatic or Blood Disorder


5〉 General Disorder

Swelling in the injection site.

Afluria Quad Vaccine Side effects

The most common side effects after vaccination are weakness, Fever, Redness, Muscle aches that occur within 1 to 2 days.

If you notice any of these side effects stay more than 2 days and become irritating. You must share with your doctor about these side effects.

Vision Changes, Fainting, Dizziness, Tingling, Seizure are the temporary symptoms after vaccination. If you notice any of these symptoms must share it with your doctor.

Benefits of Flu Vaccine

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and prevention) receiving flu or influenza vaccine is the most effective way to protect your self from Flu.

Influenza vaccine works very well in some groups to be at low risk of hospitalization and influenza-related complications. It includes  Children, Older adults, pregnant women, and their infants. People with chronic lung disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

When you protect your self from the Flu. You also protect those who can not get the flu vaccine.

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Why Do I need to vaccinated every year?

Flu or influenza virus are evolving so fast. Last year’s vaccine could not protect you from this year’s virus. Each and every year new flu vaccines are release to quickly adapt the flu virus.

Whenever you receive the vaccine. Your body’s immune system creates antibodies to protect you from the virus.

Afluria Quad vaccine(Flu Vaccine) offers this kind of protection?

Flu Vaccine works very well. This vaccine is generally effective in those under the age of 65.

Some older people and those with certain treatment conditions may reduce their resistance after getting flu shot. Those people aged between 18 to 64 years the flu vaccine work 50 to 60% affectiveness but sometimes show less effectiveness.

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If the Afluria Quad vaccine does not completely prevent the flu. It helps to reduce the serious complications and severity of your illness.


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Afluria Quad Vaccine Uses, Side effects, Benefits, Dosage
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